DIY Kombucha Demonstration

A. Goal

To show the audience how to make their own kombucha at home, to assure:

  1. good quality
  2. true probiotics
  3. no junk added
  4. no preservatives
  5. tea source control (good quality makes good taste and probiotics)
  6. economical beverages for daily usage

B. Biological Understanding


Originated in the Bohai Sea district in China and was consumed in Russia and from there to Europe. Logically, it makes sense because Russians have been consuming teas thru the Turkic merchants like those Turkmen and Uyghur.

It was misunderstood that Kombucha orginated in Japanm because they have a tea called Konbu-cha (Kelp Tea). Kelp id the family of Laminariaceae and is completely different beverage from the fermentated tea in water (kombucha). According to Wikipedia, Japanese called fermented tea Kōcha kinoko = red tea mushroom. 

Kombucha culture – Symbiotic Culture Of Bacteria and Yeast (SCOBY)

Its bacteria contains acetic acid bacteria (Komagataeibacter xylinus) which ferments alcohols produced by the yeasts into acetic acid.  Yeasts feed on sucrose and convert to alcohol. After few days of fermentation, a thin layer of bacterial cellulose are produced and float to the top. 

Tea (Camellia sinesis) is used to ferment because it contributes tannins, nitrogen, and to a lesser amount, caffeine, which creates an environment where good bacteria and yeast depend on to produce kombucha.

Hint: Other fermented tea = Puerh which is fermented thru the stage of drying.

C. Ingredients Required

  1. tea leaves provided by Té House of Tea
  2. simple sugar 
  3. Scoby
  4. water

D. Materials Required

  1. one gallon glass jar
  2. cheese cloth or utility cloth
  3. rubber band
  4. strainer
  5. measuiring cups
  6. sauce pan
  7. spatular
  8. paper towel
  9. thermometer

E. Recipe & Scopy

QR code of the  recipe will be  provided by Té when you purchase a bag of tea after each demonstration time. Your Scoby will be given to you in a convenient container, which should be kept cool, no exposure to heat, until you get home to make your own hombucha.

E. Suggestions

Use teas contains tannin :

red tea





yerba mate

yaupon – I have not experimented with yaupon, but give it a try!

We should try all to enlarge our satisfaction to consume Kombucha. 

F. Benefits

  1. Probiotics
  2. Enjoying consumption of less than 0.5% alcohol, without worrying about sugar level increases in our system.